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Bienvenue sur RealEscort, la plateforme leader en Finlande pour les services d'escort et de massage. est une plateforme publicitaire présentant des services d'escorte et de massage proposés par des filles, des garçons, des gays, des Tv-Ts, des duos, des couples et des cliniques, tous basés dans Finlande.

RealEscort Terms of Use, Service, Agreements, Conditions & Usage Policies.

RealEscort User Agreement & Policies
Last Update: 02-11-2023

When using our website – whether registering, setting up an advertiser or user account, buying ads, or just browsing – you accept our "Terms and Policies", "See our GDPR Privacy Policy here", and "Click here to view our Site Notice.".

In this agreement, "RealEscort" refers to the RealEscort platform and includes its parent company, affiliates, owners, administrators, staff, and team.

Remember, we're purely an ad platform! We don’t partake in the services advertisers offer. We merely give them a space to advertise and offer search tools, much like sites such as Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

If you face any issues, you can leave a review on the relevant ad. For a better experience, stick to verified ads and those with positive feedback. Avoid paying upfront. Additional details on fraudsters, scammers, and swindlers.


User: User Accounts
Creating and using a user account on all RealEscort websites is FREE. Advertising on RealEscort is free in certain countries; for details, check our pricing page. Check out our Pricing page.

User Reviews: Review Retention
- Once a review is approved and online, it can't be removed or deleted, it will stay online for as long as the ad is online.

User Reviews: Review Authenticity and Timing:
- Only write genuine and honest reviews after your meet-up with the advertiser.
- Submit reviews from your personal RealEscort account once you've left the advertiser's location.

User Reviews: Relevance and Review Limits
- Limit yourself to one review for each visit to an advertiser.
- Comments should be directly related to the ad you're reviewing, with exceptions for ads about duos, couples, clubs, agencies, or clinics.

User Reviews: No-Show Situations
If the advertiser doesn't show up or doesn't deliver the promised services, focus your review on these aspects. If the meeting didn't happen, avoid answering questions about "Services provided, Incall location, Physical appearance, and Ad photo accuracy."

User Reviews: Reporting Scams
Detail the exact events if reporting potential scams. Be clear, polite, and professional in your description. Again, don't answer questions about "Services provided, Incall location, Physical appearance, and Ad photo accuracy" if you haven't met the advertiser.

User Reviews: Use Respectful Language
- Keep your comments polite and refrain from using harsh, derogatory, or explicit words.

User Reviews: Privacy Matters
- Protect everyone's privacy. Avoid sharing personal details or naming other advertisers in your reviews.

User Reviews: STD Allegations
Note that unverified claims about contracting STDs from unprotected encounters aren't allowed.

User Reviews: Interaction with Reviews:
- Once your review is live, advertisers can comment, and you can reply to them. Always be respectful in these interactions.

User Reviews: Fake Reviews:
- Creating or supporting fake reviews will lead to the removal of your account and/or ads, including related accounts and ads.

User Reviews: Review Approval and Changes
- RealEscort decides which reviews to publish, and they can't be changed or deleted once approved.

User: Consequences for Breaking Rules
- Not following these guidelines may lead to the deletion of your account and/or ads, including any linked accounts or ads.

User: Account Termination & Data Retention
- If an account is closed by the user, advertiser, or RealEscort, all related ads, preferences, and wallet credits will be deleted permanently lost.
- Some data remains for two years for legal and security reasons. After that, all data is erased. During these two years, retrieving any account information or credits is impossible.


Advertising: Advertiser & Ad Account
- Ads on RealEscort are curated. Each ad undergoes approval before display. The payment covers this review, continued ad monitoring, and content alignment checks.
- Application payments are non-refundable. If an ad or account is terminated or rejected, payments are kept to cover review and monitoring expenses.
- Each ad is personal. Replacing the individual in your ad is a violation, leading to the ad being marked as fake.
- Avoid editing your ad or account using a client's device or connection. It's a security risk and might be seen as fraud. Offenders will be removed.

Advertising: Trial Period!
For the first 7 days online, advertising costs increase. In the first 14 days, ads have a 'Trial Period' banner, urging caution to visitors. Ads can't disable reviews in this period, allowing feedback on advertiser services. RealEscort can terminate your account if deemed unsuitable. Additional Details on the "Trial Period"

Advertising: One Free Ad Per Individual in "free RealEscort countries"!
Only create one free ad for yourself. While multiple ads for others are allowed, creating several for personal use in the free RealEscort countries isn't.

Advertising: Content policy
Type of advertiser, Girls, Boys, Tv-Ts, Gays, Duos, Couples, Clubs, Clinics.
Three ad types are available for various categories:
1. Escort and Massage - For advertisers offering sexual Escort/Massage services.
2. No sex ads - For services like body massage and tantra.
3. Online Sex - For online services like video chats and webcam shows. Picture validation is mandatory. At least one verified phone number, SMS, WhatsApp, or Signal is required for your ad to be live.

This platform is for the mentioned services only.

Advertising: Categories
- Choose the right category for your listing.
- If you've transitioned genders, you should list under the TV/TS category.

Advertising: Text Guidelines
Ad texts should focus on services and essential information related to the categories we support.

Advertising: Ad headline and description contact details
You can mention your preferred contact methods but avoid specific details in your main text.

Advertising: No Promotion of Illegal Items!
Don't include illegal items like Viagra, Poppers, Kamagra, Kama Jelly, Pills, Drugs, and similar products in your ad. They're not allowed.

Advertising: Guidelines for Uploading Pictures
- Use genuine images. FAKE pictures result in penalties.
- Avoid adding text, phone numbers, or logos to images.
- Use high-quality images for better ad presentation.

Advertising: Strictly No Fake Pictures
Uploading fake images is prohibited. If detected, a Fake Picture Report Fee applies, and your ad will require picture validation. Violations may result in ad deletion, loss of stats, payments, reviews, and more.

Advertising: Picture Validation process:
Cheating the validation process will result in ad deletion. Always provide accurate AGE, Height, Weight details.

Advertising: Reviews
- Avoid creating REVIEWS for your own ads; it's insincere.
- Ensure your customer doesn't leave a review using your account or computer.
- Prevent customers from reviewing while in your room, hotel, or apartment.
- Don't allow customers to use your internet for reviews.

Advertising: Blogs
Blogs are personal stories. Avoid including specific contact details, promoting illegal items, violating racism/anti-discrimination laws, or posting false information. Your blog should be respectful and professional.

Advertising: Travel Itinerary Guidelines
- Daily Updates: Ensure your Travel Itinerary is updated daily to accurately reflect the locations you plan to visit. This helps potential clients know where you'll be available.
- Realistic Locations: You can list multiple locations for a single day, but they must be reachable within the day. This includes time for client appointments and return to your starting point.
- Travel Distance: A maximum travel distance of approximately 150 km by car, bus or train from your current location is considered feasible for a single day. This distance is subject to change based on local conditions and transportation availability. For example, listing locations such as Oslo and Bergen on the same day would not be feasible as the distance between these two cities is over 450 km, which is well beyond the recommended 150 km travel distance for a single day.
- Avoid Unrealistic Plans: Do not add locations to your Travel Itinerary that are too far apart for feasible visits and service provision in one day. For example, listing different locations for consecutive days that are hundreds of kilometers apart is not allowed.
- No Frequent Changes: Avoid frequently updating your Travel Itinerary or changing your location multiple times in a single day to appear in various places. This is considered fraudulent and may confuse potential clients.
- Consequences of Violations: Violating these guidelines will result in the removal of your ad. This is to ensure realistic and honest advertising, which helps build trust with clients.

Remember, these guidelines are designed to maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure a positive experience for all users. Please adhere to them when creating your Travel Itinerary.

Advertising: Adhere to Anti-Racism Laws
Keep ads free from discrimination. Avoid racial preferences or exclusions. For more information, please visit the "European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights".

Advertising: Payment
- Your payment covers not only ad space but also our thorough assessment and verification of every component of your ad, such as photos, blogs, videos, reviews, and main content. Whether your ad gets approved or not, this payment is for the review process.
- Unethical behaviors, scams, or fraud could result in extra charges due to the additional resources required to handle such violations. This could lead to extra fees, ad removal, or even account closure as per our terms.
- Prices mentioned don't include VAT or service charges unless specifically stated. We maintain the right to adjust prices due to reasons like currency shifts, unforeseen events, changes in taxes, fees, VAT, errors in listing, and other valid factors.
- Please address any payment issues or discrepancies within 7 days. We can't assist beyond this timeframe.
- Wire transfers lacking the correct amount or essential info like order references or order IDs, and unclaimed after 7 days, will be considered abandoned.

Advertising: Payment RealEscort Wallet
- Funds added to your RealEscort wallet are non-refundable and can only be used on RealEscort.
- A 5% charge applies when switching credits between different wallet currencies.
- Once funds enter your wallet, they're considered RealEscort credits, not real money. We use currency identifiers such as EUR, USD, NOK, SEK, DKK, etc., to help make it easy for you to track and manage your wallet credits.
(Note: If you delete your account, any remaining credits in your RealEscort Wallet will be lost.)

Advertising: Payment, RealEscort Wallet Credit Guidelines
- Wallet credit is a backup for when direct product payment isn't possible, but immediate access is crucial.
- Make sure to repay the credit within a strict 3-day limit.
- By using the credit service, you agree to repay it. If you don't intend to repay, please avoid this facility.
- Failing to repay on time can result in actions like ad suspension, removal, account termination, blacklisting, and possible legal actions.

Advertising: Instant Ad Delivery
After payment, ads are accessible. Approved ads go live, while new ones await confirmation.

Advertising: Refund Policy
Full refunds are available within an hour if untouched. If services are used, refunds aren't possible. Contact support for refunds.

Advertising: Website Uptime Guarantee
We aim for 24/7 service. If there are disruptions, we compensate with extra service days.

Advertiser Account Closure & Data Retention:
Terminated accounts lose all ads and Wallet credits. Some data is kept for


Maintaining Tone and Respect:
- It is crucial to maintain a respectful and courteous tone across all interactions on our platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, support channels, forums, ad descriptions, blogs, review feedback, and any other mediums we provide.
- Upholding honesty and politeness in your communications is vital. Engaging in derogatory comments, spreading false allegations, or resorting to insults is strictly forbidden.
- Remember that the RealEscort team is dedicated to assisting you, and it is only fair that they are treated with the respect and courtesy they deserve.

Maintaining a positive and respectful environment ensures a better experience for all users and helps in fostering a supportive community on RealEscort.


Violations, Penalties, and Usage Terms:
- Violating our guidelines, usage terms, or any policies may result in the removal of your ad or account. Be aware that all settings, prior payments, and data related to your account will be lost forever.
- Sometimes, we might send a single warning. These warnings are delivered through your support center mailbox, making it essential to regularly check and read messages.
- Any attempts to artificially boost your ad views or manipulate our system for better ad positioning will be considered a violation. This could lead to the removal of your ad or account.
- Engaging in Deceptive Activities:
Involvement in scams, fraud, or illegal activities will lead to immediate account suspension. All related settings, payments, and data will be removed. Any current or future accounts or ads connected to you or influenced by you will also be terminated without prior notice. Offenders will be permanently banned.
- Banning Process:
Repeated violations or actions that harm our brand or users may result in a permanent ban. You'll no longer be able to create accounts, post ads, or interact on our platforms. Any activity after the ban will be removed. This strict action ensures our community's safety and integrity.


Responding to Support Communications:
Always respond quickly to messages from RealEscort, whether they're from our system, support team, or administrators. If a message needs a response and you delay or fail to reply (despite reminders via the mailbox, email, and site notifications), your account might be terminated in line with our terms.


Ownership and Accountability for Uploaded Content:
- You're responsible for all content you upload, whether text, videos, images, or other forms. By posting, you grant RealEscort the right to use and display this content on our website and network indefinitely.
- Respect copyrights and trademarks. Ensure you have the rights to all content before posting. Violations will fall on you.


Legal Liabilities & Consequences:
If you breach copyrights, trademarks, or other rights resulting in legal actions or complaints, you'll bear all associated costs. This includes an initial fee of 250 euros per incident. If RealEscort needs to intervene, costs may rise.


Privacy Considerations:
Value others' privacy. Avoid revealing real names or personal details. Failure to comply will lead to account deletion. By using our site, you're agreeing to our GDPR Privacy Policy. See our GDPR Privacy Policy here.


18+ Disclaimer - Adult Content Warning:
This site is for ADULTS ONLY and may contain content some find offensive. Exit if you're under 18, offended, or if viewing such material is illegal in your area. By using this site, you agree to:

- Be 18 or older.
- Take responsibility for your actions.
- Accept and abide by our terms and conditions.


Maintenance & Data Cleanup:
Our system maintenance and cleanup services are designed to optimize performance and enhance security. It eliminates outdated data to ensure our system functions efficiently and safely.

Daily at 03:00 (CET)

Soft deletes inactive users after 13 months (warning sent at 12 months).
Deletes unvalidated users after 3 days.
Permanently deletes removed users after 2 years.
(and all related user data)

Soft deletes inactive or never online ads older than 180 days (option to extend for 365 days available at 14 days).
Deletes ads marked as removed after 2 years.
(and all related user and ad data)

Deletes system logs over 2 years old.

Remember, deleting your user account results in permanent data loss (everyting!).


Rights to Adjust and Termination:
- Right to Change:
We can modify this agreement anytime without prior notice. Please review our terms regularly. If you disagree, consider not using our services.

- Content Approval:
We can review and, if needed, decline or remove content that doesn't meet our standards.

- Adhering to Terms:
Using our services implies you accept and will follow our terms.

- Valid Reasons for Termination:
We can end any agreement or account for various reasons, including:
- Fake accounts
- Fake images
- Dishonest reviews
- Misleading users or advertisers
- Providing incorrect contact details
- False travel information
- Financial scams
- Harassment, extortion, or theft
- Violence, discrimination, or human trafficking
- Potential threats to our ethos or reputation
The decision to terminate lies solely with RealEscort.


Managing Company of RealEscort Network/Websites: